ADW Launcher Ex APK

You can select from a variety of image filters and compositions in ADW Launcher Ex APK  Awesome!!!  Dynamic UI color selection based on background colors.
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September 15, 2021
2.3 and up

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You can select from a variety of image filters and compositions in ADW Launcher Ex APK  Awesome!!!  Dynamic UI color selection based on background colors.

ADW Launcher Ex APK

You may believe that the original and finest launcher of all time has not been updated, because time is assumed to be a linear flow of cause to effect, but *in fact* from a non-linear, non-subjective perspective, it’s more like we issued this update three years ago and you were unaware.

Do not be concerned; we recognize that not everyone has…1.21 gigawatts!! to invest.

With that stated, we’ve been reading a lot about Google’s advice about abusing app features and settings, and we’ve discussed it extensively. However, because the capacity to communicate does not confer intelligence on us, we have achieved the polar opposite.

You are aware that without choice, there is no innovation.



The Launcher is obtrusive. You may possibly think “I’m disturbed by your excessive use of settings,” and we don’t blame you! This is a very natural reaction. I suppose you aren’t quite ready for that yet. However, your children will adore it.

Finally, the potential of customizing it is about 3720 to 1, which makes it the best launcher, since math never lies.

And, of course, we have displays and icons. Without a doubt, ahh, and we also have widgets, what else?, I mean, what else? Indeed, you may create your own.

Additionally, if you like to have everything pre-made, utilize themes! Alternatively, widget and template bundles! ¿ Is the desktop of your device dull?

Replace it once more, Sam. Do so in your own manner and according to your own set of standards. Alternatively, do not; there is a setting for that; tweak, adjust, shaken, not stirred.

Additionally, keep in mind that “there is no such thing as ‘the unknown,’ only alternatives inside ADW Settings.”

Are you sure you’re not going to miss it?

My Child Lebensborn


The majority of the application has been completely rewritten and rebuilt. Additionally, we’ve introduced a slew of new features. Here are a few examples:

  1. Support for shortcuts to the Android 7.1 launcher (limited support on older versions down to 5.x)
  2. Added a new section on icon effects. You may select from a variety of image filters and compositions. Awesome!!!
  3.  Dynamic UI color selection based on background colors.
  4. A new method of managing displays. * New approach to add widgets and shortcuts by holding down an empty area on the desktop.
  5. A new method for changing the desktop wallpaper, locking/unlocking the desktop, and accessing settings.
  6. Select the choice by holding down an empty area on the desktop.
  7. Added a quick scrolling style to the app drawer.
  8. Added a quick scrolling indexed app drawer style.
  9. Some desktop transitions have been added.
  10. A new area for configuring icon badges has been added.
  11. Added a visual mode for configuring the appearance of the desktop, icons, folders, and app drawer.
  12. Option to modify the top panel/widget has been added.
  13. Added the ability to customize the bottom panel’s content type (dock/widget).
  14. Folders now have a new wrap folder mode. This mode enables you to start the folder’s initial app with a tap and to view the folder’s contents with a swipe up.
  15.  In the app drawer, a new quick application search has been included.
  16. Enhancements to the app drawer’s categories.
  17. Enhanced management of user gestures. * Enhanced application of internal and external themes.
  18. Context menus for all desktop items have been enhanced.
  19. A new Custom Widget object has been added. You may build, modify, and share your own custom widgets by adding them to the widget list, importing them from friends and other developers, or creating, editing, and sharing your own.
  20. Initial extensions for custom widgets (time/battery) Additional extensions are available in the ADWExtensions bundle (weather, gmail, etc).
  21. A template manager has been added. Easily remove, add, and share templates.
  22. Enhancements to the icon properties dialog. * Enhancements to the folder properties window.
  23. Backup manager has been added to advanced settings/system. Now you can import data from other well-known launchers (if we’ve missed one, let us know so we can include it!)
  24.  The ability to provide a secondary action to desktop shortcuts has been added. To conduct the secondary action, swipe up over the desktop shortcut. Probably two or two hundred things I’m forgetting…
  25. Inside is a jumble of wibbly wobbly timey wimey nonsense

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