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With the #1 outdoor navigation software for Android, you can use your Android as an offroad topo mapping GPS! Try the BackCountry Navigator Pro APK NOW.
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September 21, 2021
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With the #1 outdoor navigation software for Android, you can use your Android as an offroad topo mapping GPS! Try the BackCountry Navigator Pro APK NOW.

BackCountry Navigator Pro APK

The Backcountry Navigator Pro APK is a great app for hiking and exploring the outdoors. It provides you with GPS coordinates, elevation data, and topographical maps of your current location. The app also offers offline capability in case you don’t have service or want to save money on roaming charges when abroad. This app is also compatible with Android devices.

The Backcountry Navigator Pro apk and all its features can be used offline, meaning it does not require an internet connection. The app uses the GPS feature of your smartphone to determine where you are and what is around you. It shows distances to places, trailheads, water sources, climbs, summits, and much more as long as the information is contained on the app. The app also has a compass and an inclinometer to help you find your way around.

The Backcountry Navigator Pro app helps hikers plan their routes and measure distances while hiking in the backcountry. It can save routes and waypoints for offline use, helping hikers navigate even when service may not be available. The app includes a dynamic route-optimization tool that can alter your course on the spot to avoid obstacles, navigate around closed trails, or find shortcuts. This is especially helpful when exploring an area you are not familiar with as it helps save time and energy.

This app is great for hiking because it gives you the ability to explore new places and give you important information about them in a matter of minutes without the need to access the internet. It is also great for hikers who want to explore areas that have bad or no service in case something happens, they will be able to push out a signal with ease.

The Backcountry Navigator Pro APK app uses its GPS coordinates and topographical maps to determine your location and what’s around you. This is useful in hiking as it allows hikers to explore new places without the need of renting expensive equipment for exploration purposes. The app has a compass and an inclinometer, helping hikers orient themselves and monitor steepness/decline of trails. It also includes a route-optimization tool that can alter routes on the fly to avoid obstacles, take a shortcut or find a better way.

This APK is a great hiking tool for those who love exploring and going off-trail as it provides them with important navigational information without the need of an internet connection. The app calculates distances, elevations, and topographical maps all without the need of data which is useful for hikers who are new to an area. The apps route-optimization tool also allows you to alter your course on the fly, making it great for off trail hiking as it can be used to find a better way around or avoid obstacles directly in your path

The app can be used to explore new areas, measuring various distances and elevations without the need of internet. It also allows you to save offline routes which can be useful if you want to explore an area with bad service or use the app when traveling abroad without worrying about roaming charges.

The compass and inclinometer within this app are helpful for hikers as it allows them to orient themselves and monitor steepness/decline of trails. The route optimization tool is also great as it can alter your routes on the fly to avoid obstacles or find better ways around on your next trek.

Preload FREE offline topo maps, aerial photographs, and road map to your storage memory in advance of using them.


Create custom GPS waypoints using longitude and latitude coordinates, as well as a UTM or MGRS grid reference. GPS waypoints from GPX files can be imported. As with MapSource, select icons for waypoints. (This program uses the WGS84 datum; however, NAD27 is selectable in the options.)

Utilize GPS to locate a waypoint or geocache, record tracks, and GPS waypoints during your journey, and follow your progress on topographic maps.

About topo (topographic) maps: Topographic maps depict topography in color and contours and are important for off-road navigation. Topo maps and GPS units are ideal for hiking, hunting, kayaking, snowshoeing, and backpacking.

The software includes a variety of pre-loaded map sources and the ability to create your own maps using Mobile Atlas Creator. Integrated sources include OpenStreetMaps and NASA Landsat data from across the world.
OpenCycle Maps are topographical maps that depict the world’s landscape.

  1. Aerial picture in color by the USGS.
  2. Spain and Italy Topographic Maps
  3. Germany and Austria outdoor maps
  4. New Zealand topographical maps


BackCountry Navigator has been used for the following outdoor GPS activities:

  • Hiking on designated hiking paths as well as off-trail.
  • Camping, to locate the ideal camping location or to return to your campsite.
  • Hunting expeditions in difficult locations for the purpose of hunting wild wildlife, including scouting for the hunt.
  • With a friend, go bait fishing or fly fishing.
  • GPS-enabled search and rescue (SAR).

Kayak and canoe excursions on inland lakes and streams, as well as on marine and coastal waterways.

Backpacker trips: navigating on trails utilizing topo maps of wilderness regions and national forests.

Snow activities such as snowmobiling, skiing (alpine or cross-country), and snowshoeing are available. Establish a memory. Make a plan.

This is an excellent complement to the outdoor gear you purchased from Cabelas, REI, or another outdoor retailer. Your Android phone may be used in place of a Garmin or Magellan outdoor portable GPS device! Your storage device includes memory for maps.

Discover new ways to have fun in the great outdoors. Be a maverick by exploring outside the bounds of cell service. Develop your navigating skills with GPS.

Previously, BackCountry Navigator was available on Windows Mobile handsets and installed on the Trimble Nomad outdoor tough gadget. This Android version is more customizable, feature-rich, and enjoyable.


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What's new

  • This DEMO is an advertisement-supported trial. Allow 21 days to determine whether this app is compatible with your device, country, and activity. After the demo time, functionality is restricted. Purchase BackCountry Navigator PRO once.
  • Fixes for file browsing. This issue mostly affects GPX import/export and prebuilt maps.
  • AccuTerra map source, Thunderforest map source, BLM boundary maps, and GMU borders are all available as paid addons with the PRO edition.



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