Battle of Vicksburg 3 APK Download


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Enlist in the North or South's army and choose from infantry, cavalry, artillery, sniper, or naval in Battle of Vicksburg 3 APK Download.
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September 6, 2021
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Enlist in the North or South’s army and choose from infantry, cavalry, artillery, sniper, or naval in Battle of Vicksburg 3 APK Download.

Battle of Vicksburg 3 APK Download

Charge the opposing lines or defend your castles while leading and commanding your soldiers.

Join the navy and engage in bloody naval battles for control of the mighty Mississippi and its bluff-top fortifications.

Give instructions to your fleet in order to achieve victory in bloody naval engagements ranging from the Union’s northern base at Young’s Point to its southern bastion at Grand Gulf.

Fight on the Vicksburg Campaign’s iconic Civil War battlefields, including “Champion Hill,” “Big Black River Bridge,” and “Railroad Redoubt.”

Discover the American Civil War with an innovative combination of first-person shooter and strategy game!

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  1. Instruct troops and cavalry to pursue the stay or charge.
  2. Armored trains must be driven across battlefields to supply your army with artillery and reinforcements.
  3. Sailing a variety of warships and ironclads, as well as commanding allied naval units.
  4. Embark your soldiers and sail deep into hostile territory in order to launch a surprise attack on the enemy’s rear.
  5. Conduct operations using cannons, artillery, and mortars. Indicate goals for crews.
  6. Mount a horse and charge through the opposing ranks, leading the cavalry attack.
  7. Capture and control strategically located plantations, sawmills, and supply depots in order to generate resources.
  8. Construct a diverse array of ships, artillery, and fortifications.
  9. Intense combat requiring hundreds of active troops and the conquest of many fortresses.
  10. 12 colossal historical battlegrounds recreated in 1:1 size.
  11. No internet connection is required for this offline game.

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What's new

  • Sandbox Mode in v3.12!
  • Optimized performance.
  • Nine new battlegrounds!
  • Naval warfare and ships
  • Trains armed!
  • Horseback riding, purchasing new horses
  • Gunboats
  • Torpedo-boats
  • Steamships with paddle wheels
  • Armies of ironclads and rams
  • Flagship Sloop-of-War
  • Barges et schooners à mortar
  • Army classes New resource system
  • Sniper rifles, repeater rifles, cannons, and artillery are all available.
  • Gatling Weapon
  • Sharpshooters
  • Officers of a higher rank
  • A new cavalry regiment
  • Introducing new musicians
  • Sailors
  • Iconographic map
  • Conditions favorable to victory
  • Soldiers' voices Capabilities and medals