Big Buttons Keyboard Deluxe APK


Avoid those small, inconvenient keys on your smartphone keyboard and take advantage of the Big Buttons Keyboard Deluxe APK.
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August 18, 2021
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Avoid those small, inconvenient keys on your smartphone keyboard and take advantage of the Big Buttons Keyboard Deluxe APK.

Big Buttons Keyboard Deluxe APK

The Big Keys Keyboard features larger number and punctuation buttons, which makes typing on your smartphone EASIER and more ACCURATE!

Additionally, larger buttons are simpler to read.

However, the MAGIC is in the unique Delta II modified-QWERTY keyboard layout, which is remarkably fast, accurate, and EXTREMELY easy to learn!!


Big Buttons Keyboard DELUXE ($2.99) features themes, emoji, a voice-to-text microphone, word prediction, and big cursor keys.

Important Note 1 – Big Buttons WILL NOT WORK UNTIL THEY ARE INSTALLED!! Simply click the blue & green BB icon, then “Installation – Important” at the top of the menu, and complete both installation procedures – it’s that simple.

Note 2 – All Android keyboard applications warn you: “Attention – This input method may be capable of collecting all the text you write…” Do not be concerned. Big Buttons Keyboard is a completely secure application that does not require any hazardous permissions to run.

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Big Buttons Keyboard does not collect any of your data and does not have access to your emails, internet, or text messages, as other applications do, so type freely.

Note 3 – If an Android Market download becomes unresponsive, navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Market: After that, clear data and cache. Then retry the download.

Ideal for senior adults and anybody who suffers from reduced vision or other age-related visual problems.

How to use?

The Delta II Keyboard matrix is as follows:

The designers of skydiving equipment take into account the user’s muscle memory responses in order to create items that are consistent and simple to learn and use.

Chicago Logic takes the same muscle memory into account when designing a superior mobile keyboard with large, easy-to-read, and precise-to-press keys grouped in an innovative arrangement that is almost quickly understood.

Your muscle memory reflexes are stimulated by the unique Delta II tm modified QWERTY keyboard layout. Each letter is located in the area on your PC’s (QWERTY) keyboard where you already search for and reach for it.

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As a result? Your muscle memory responses enable you to quickly learn and type on a new keyboard.

With far less mistakes.

Whether you’re reaching for emergency grips on a parachute harness or for keys on a computer, you want your muscle memory responses to work in your favor, not against you.

Delta II – Designed for Mobility.

We would like to welcome you to Big Buttons Keyboard for Android.

Take note that this is a SAFE keyboard application. We do not gather any information. Kindly verify our permissions.

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What's new

  • The delete key problem in browsers is resolved.
  • Height-adjustable keyboard.
  • Long-press the '?' button to get the BB menu shortcut.
  • Increased height in the bottom row for improved accuracy.
  • Additional Characters.
  • Installation is compatible with Android 4.0.