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The First-Ever Celebrity Voice Changer APK quickly transforms your voice into that of any celebrity just by speaking into a microphone. This is not a cheap voice effect as others on the market are.
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June 21, 2021
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The First-Ever Celebrity Voice Changer APK quickly transforms your voice into that of any celebrity just by speaking into a microphone. This is not a cheap voice effect as others on the market are.

Celebrity Voice Changer APK

If you’ve experimented with voice changers in the past, you’ve undoubtedly seen ones that just change the pitch or tempo of your speech, or add an awful echo effect, or “dry” your voice using a frequency gate or other extremely simple effect… That is not who we are; we are the genuine article. Prove it for yourself by using our celebrity voice changer.

For the first time, you may speak English freely and have it read back to you by a large number of famous A-listers.


To begin, ensure that you have an Internet connection and then tap and speak into the microphone. It will detect quite automatically. It should take no more than a few seconds to produce a video of your altered voice being returned to you.

After that, you may share the video (which contains your changed voice).

Celebrity Voice Changer is intended for usage as a parody and for the purpose of creating a parody.

HatsOfApps makes no claim to be affiliated with any of the celebrities mocked. T

he information contained inside Celebrity Voice Changer is all unique, and there are no celebrity or brand identities; simply our bad imitation.

HatsOffApps develops technologies and user-generated voice changers using user-generated material.



May I request a different voice?

Yes! Make your request in the comments section (we read them); we will prioritize the most requested voices, so encourage your friends to do the same!

Sometimes it’s perfect, but other times I’m not sure what it’s saying; could you improve it?

Yes, and we are actively pursuing it. Without any human instruction, our partner’s Deep Learning Technology automatically learns and performs celebrity voice imitations. The technology is not yet flawless, but it is improving. We will continue our development with your assistance till the voices are indistinguishable from the human voices.

Additionally, we are developing real-time voice changer technology in collaboration with a partner. Our technology enables us to alter the speech, rather than simply hide it or convert it to an FX chain that makes it sound like a monster or a chipmunk.

Are you capable of recreating the voice of a certain celebrity?

Yes. We are capable of producing any voice. Our partner’s technology is developing the ability to perform human impressions based on tens of thousands of hours of human speech. We employ a custom neural network to convert a human voice to a voice font, or text to speech voice.

To generate celebrity voice impressions, we require audio. Soon, we’ll make our partner’s community available on our website, where you may post any voice impressions for us to use in creating voices.

How come, if it’s a voice changer, it only works in English?

Our fundamental technology generates the spoof celebrity voice impression using speech recognition and voice cloning. It is currently only available in English.

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Do you offer assistance for more languages?

Yes, however, we have not yet included support in our app. If demand continues to grow, we will construct it.

Why video rather than audio-only?

Our partner wants to associate their logo with our software, which is why the video includes a watermark.

Is it permissible for me to extract the audio from the video and use it?

We can offer you permission to distribute the video in its entirety anyplace. Then you may share it on any social media platform or send it through SMS or email, but you CANNOT alter, reverse engineer, or change the resultant video without express authorization.

This includes audio extraction from our video output.

Please contact us for license queries and API key requests, and we will link you with our voice technology partner.

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2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.