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Kahoot! helps kids, instructors, office superheroes, trivia enthusiasts, and lifelong learners experience the joy of learning.
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June 12, 2021
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At school, at home, and at work, participate in engaging quiz-based games by using Kahoot!

Kahoot! helps kids, instructors, office superheroes, trivia enthusiasts, and lifelong learners experience the joy of learning.

Kahoot APK features

The Kahoot! app, which is currently accessible in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Norwegian, enables you to accomplish the following:

  • Students – Participate in live kahoots – in class or online – and submit answers using the app.
  • Complete tasks at your own speed
  • Utilize flashcards and other study modes to study at home or on the go
  • Compete in study leagues with friends – Challenge your friends with kahoots you’ve discovered or made – Create your own kahoots and include photos or videos – Host live kahoots for family and friends directly from your mobile device

Families and friends

  • Find a kahoot on any subject, suitable for any age
  • Host a kahoot live by projecting your screen to a large screen or using video conferencing applications.
  • Involve your children in homeschooling – Send a Kahoot! the challenge to family members or friends.
  • Create your own kahoots by using a variety of question kinds and visual effects


  • Search millions of ready-to-play kahoots on any subject
  • Create or edit your own kahoots in minutes
  • Combine question types to increase engagement
  • Host kahoots live in class or virtually for distance learning
  • Assign student-paced challenges for content review
  • Assess learning outcomes with reports

Employees of the company

  • Create kahoots for use in e-learning, presentations, events, and other situations.
  • Polls and word cloud questions can be used to solicit audience involvement.
  • Become a Kahoot! host!
  • Assign self-paced assignments, for example, for e-learning
  • Evaluate progress and results through reports

Premium features:
Kahoot! is completely free for instructors and students, and we are committed to maintaining that status as part of our aim to make learning amazing. We provide extra upgrades that enable additional features such as a million-image picture collection and advanced question kinds such as riddles, polls, open-ended questions, and slides.

Users will require a paid subscription to access these features.

Business users will require a paid subscription to create and host kahoots in a work environment, as well as access to additional features.

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  • English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Italian, and Norwegian.
  • The app is also accessible in Japanese, Dutch, Turkish, and Polish.