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Nox Security is a security and antivirus application for Android smartphones that includes a Virus Cleaner, Junk Cleaner, Memory Booster, Applock, and more.
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June 23, 2021
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Nox Security is a security and antivirus application for Android smartphones that includes a Virus Cleaner, Junk Cleaner, Memory Booster, Applock, Notification Blocker, CPU Cooler, Message Security, Battery Saver, and WiFi Security.

Nox Security Antivirus APK


  • Junk Clean Master: Eliminate clutter and increase storage space
  • Memory Booster: Optimize your smartphone’s performance and weight
  • App security: Protect personal applications and safeguard your privacy
  • Notification Blocker: Prevents you from receiving irritating and pointless notifications.
  • CPU Cooler with a Single Tap: Prevent your device from overheating
  • Message Master of Security: Prevent others from invading your privacy
  • Protect your device from network threats with WiFi security.
  • Battery Saver Master: Easily disable power-draining applications with a single tap

Nox Security is a security guru that specializes in offering robust antivirus services.
Nox Security helps protect your mobile device from viruses, malware, and online fraud. By keeping your phone safer, a virus remover may assist you in scanning and cleaning mobile viruses, as well as protecting your sensitive files. Try the antiviral function of Nox Security!

Increase storage space with the help of a junk cleaner and a memory booster.
You can remove trash files, including system cache, application cache, and residual files, using Nox Security max cleaning. Additionally, you may manage and remove infrequently used applications to maximize your phone’s storage capacity. Our powerful memory booster can assist you in improving your phone’s performance and enabling you to obtain a lighter, quicker phone.

Protect apps and safeguard your privacy with an intelligent app lock.
Nox Security can lock all Android applications and preserve your phone’s privacy. Protected apps may be opened only with a pattern lock, password, or fingerprint. Nox Security applock enables you to protect your private apps from being accessed or viewed by outsiders.

Block unwanted notifications and steer clear of vexing spam
Nox Security has a highly effective notification blocker. To avoid receiving unwanted alerts, you can utilize the notification blocker. By blacklisting applications, you can prevent spam from clogging and slowing down your phone. It will ensure that your phone is not interrupted and that your notification bar is kept clear.

Strong security master – Ensures security in real-time
Not only does Nox Security provide standard antivirus protection, but it can also safeguard your device in real-time. Receive alerts to avoid virus-infected applications that have real-time protection activated.

WiFi Security, Defending Against Attacks and Verifying Internet Security
Nox Security can safeguard your device from network threats. WiFi security will assist you in determining whether or not the WiFi network to which you are connecting is secure. Additionally, it will safeguard your personal information while you are online.

Nex Security provides message security and privacy protection.
Are you concerned about people peeing on your private message? Nox Security’s message security feature allows you to prevent outsiders from peeking at your notification preview. Install Nox Security to clean your mobile device of viruses and safeguard your privacy.

CPU Cooler, the device’s cooling master that prevents it from overheating.
Nox Security’s phone cooling system includes a one-tap CPU cooling function that guards against overheating. Reduce the temperature of your CPU and upgrade to a speedier phone.

Put an end to power-sucking applications with the help of a clever battery-saving master.
Nox Security’s max battery saver can assist you in closing inactive programs that operate in the background. It’s the simplest method to maintain a healthy battery by shutting down power-hungry apps and monitoring battery condition and usage.

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