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PingTools Pro APK  includes info tools, watcher, LAN, pin tool, Geo ping, Whois, Bonjour browser, Subnet scanner, and IP Calculator.
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4.52 Pro
August 25, 2021
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PingTools Pro APK  includes info tools, watcher, LAN, pin tool, Geo ping, Whois, Bonjour browser, Subnet scanner, and IP Calculator.

PingTools Pro APK


Info tool

Displays the network connection status, the Wi-Fi router’s IP address, an external IP address, and information about your Internet service provider. Additionally, the Info page includes a handful of handy charts illustrating the Wi-Fi connection and network consumption.


Monitors network resources on a scheduled basis. The watcher will alert you whenever the condition of the resource changes, which will keep you informed of any network difficulties.

Local-Area Network 

For the purpose of locating other network devices. You’ll always be aware of who’s connected to your network, as well as the manufacturer of the gear and the services operating on it.

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A gadget that requires no explanation. You may use both basic parameters and advanced capabilities such as TCP and HTTP HTTPS ping. With background work and audio notifications, you can monitor the remote host’s condition without being distracted.


Determine the resource’s availability around the world. With a single click, you can determine whether your website is accessible to users in Singapore.


A system administrator’s must-have utility. Indicates the path taken by packets from your device to the destination host. The Visual Traceroute illustrates how data packets travel across the globe to reach a particular destination using a map.


Utility for evaluating network bandwidth. It is built on top of iperf3 and supports both server and client modes of operation.

Port scanner

Is a multi-threaded TCP port scanner that is extremely powerful. This utility may be used to obtain a list of open ports on a remote device. The majority of ports are presented with a description, so you can determine which program makes use of them.

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A command-line tool that shows the information on a domain name or an IP address. With the aid of Whois, you may discover the domain’s registration date, as well as information on the company and its contact information.

UPnP scanner

Displays all UPnP devices connected to your local network. You may use an UPnP scanner to determine the IP address of your router, gaming consoles such as the Xbox or PlayStation, media servers, and other devices. Additionally, DLNA-compliant televisions and media players (Samsung AllShare, LG SmartShare) are supported.

Bonjour browser

Is a network utility for navigating the network’s Bonjour (ZeroConf, Avahi) services. Because Bonjour is included with Apple’s OS systems, you may use it to look up the network address of an iPhone, iPod, or other device.

Wi-Fi scanner

Displays a list of nearby access sites. Additionally, you may learn about the AP’s manufacturer, the signal strength, and a variety of other details. You may use the chart to visualize everything. Supports devices operating at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Subnet scanner

This program will scan your Wi-Fi subnet in search of nearby hosts. The scanner may ping the host or check several TCP ports. As a result, you can easily discover services in your subnet (for ex scan 22 ports to find where is SSH running). Additionally, you may define an IP address range for a custom scan.

DNS Lookup

It is a utility for obtaining information about Domain Name System (DNS) name servers. Is important for network problems or just determining the IP address of a domain, mail server, or other location. Additionally, reverse DNS is supported.

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Wake on LAN

It is a command-line program that enables you to remotely power on a network machine by sending a specific data packet (called a Magic Packet). WoL is simply irreplaceable in situations when you lack physical access to a computer that has been turned off unexpectedly.

IP Calculator

This application is beneficial while configuring network hardware. IP Calculator can assist you in calculating network parameters, determining the range of IP addresses and subnet masks.

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What's new

• LAN scanner enhancements

• Ability to create shortcuts for any tool

• Watcher enhancements including HTTP response validation

• v4.52 - bug fixes



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Sandra N. Morris
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