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Relax with the best sounds of the night. Fall asleep faster and sleep better!
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September 10, 2021
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Relax while listening to the finest music of the night. You’ll fall asleep faster and have a better night’s sleep!

Ideal for unwinding, sleeping, meditation, concentration, or if you have tinnitus issues (ear ringing).

The app plays various night sounds; these sounds are often known as white noise.
Because it masks the noise of the outside world, white noise offers health benefits for the body and mind. It encourages relaxation and concentration.

You may either set a timer and leave your app running in the background or turn off the screen entirely. The sound fades slowly as the timer expires, and the application closes on its own. As a result, if you fall asleep, you won’t have to worry about quitting the app.

Do you have a hard time falling asleep? By limiting distractions, this software aids sleep. You’ll be able to fall asleep sooner and sleep better now!
You can finally put an end to your insomnia! Enhance your quality of life!

It can be used to regain inner tranquility after a hectic day. Enter your haven of peace.

*** Features of the application ***

– More than 15 looped sounds
– audio fades out over time with a timer – auto-pause sounds on incoming calls – volume settings – quick menu
– use in the background and with other programs – playback does not require streaming (no data connection required)
– play and pause sounds

*** Sound Effects ***

– Lullaby by Brahms and crickets
– Frogs in the pond – Quiet night – Woodsy night – Rain and crickets – Silent Night and crickets
– Take a boat ride on the lake
– Crickets around the lake on a summer night
– Beach campfire – Sunrise in the field – Night in the tent – Calm ocean at night – Night in the field

*** Useful hints ***

I recommend using headphones or earphones to listen to the peaceful sounds for a better experience.
The app can be used in the background and in conjunction with other apps.

*** Permissions Notes ***

– Call details and device ID (read phone status and identity)
When an incoming call is received, the sound is turned off and then on again at the end of the call.

– Purchases made within the app
This code was used to purchase the premium version.

– Prevent the phone from going to sleep
When you turn off the screen or use other apps, this is used to keep the app active.

– Access to the entire network and the ability to view network connections
Used to validate purchases and display advertisements.

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What's new

- Implemented auto-backup for favorite sounds and app settings.
- Management of pending transactions (a user can choose cash as a form of payment and complete the transaction in a physical store).
- Optimizations for Android 11.
- Fixed some bugs.