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March 25, 2021
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The town of Salem APK has 33 distinct roles, guaranteeing a unique experience each time you play.

Town of Salem APK


The game accommodates between seven and fifteen players. These players are assigned to one of five affiliations at random: Town, Mafia, Serial Killers, Arsonists, or Neutral. If you are a Town member (the good guys), you must hunt down and eliminate the Mafia and other criminals. What’s the catch?

You have no idea who is a member of the Town and who is a villain.

If you play an evil character, such as a Serial Killer, you kill town residents in secret and attempt to escape detection.

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Prior to the commencement of a game, participants are placed in a lobby where the host may assign roles to players. The players are then randomly allocated roles from the list of selected roles.

Players are provided with an in-game role card that details the skills and affiliations associated with their chosen role.

Phases of the Game


The night phase is when the majority of roles put their talents to use. For instance, serial killers murder individuals covertly, doctors cure those who have been assaulted, and sheriffs question people about suspicious behavior.


During the day phase, Town members may debate who they believe is playing an evil role. Once the voting phase begins, someone will be placed on trial by a majority vote of the community.


The defense phase is when you convince the town of your innocence. You must have a compelling tale or face the gallows!


The town will decide the defendant’s fate at this phase. Players have the option of voting guilty, innocent, or not voting at all. If the prisoner receives a higher percentage of guilty votes than innocent ballots, he is condemned to death by hanging!

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Players may customize their map (city setting), character, pet, lobby symbol, death animation, and home, as well as a personalized name. Your choices will be visible to other players in the game.


Currently, the game has more than 200 distinct accomplishments. Accomplishments unlock a variety of in-game goods.

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Sandra N. Morris

What's new

Hey Townies, today we are releasing Town of Salem 3.3.5 to add some new limitations on the symbols allowed to be entered in chat, last wills, death notes, and notepad to help minimize character substitution by those seeking to circumvent our chat filters. We also stomped some bugs.



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