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Use Whack Your Boss APK to tap on things in the cubicle until you've discovered every possible technique to bash the boss.
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January 15, 2021
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Use Whack Your Boss APK to tap on things in the cubicle until you’ve discovered every possible technique to bash the boss.

Feel your tension dissipate as you watch your boss get smacked into cartoon land!

Whack Your Boss APK


Whack Your Boss employs a straightforward, mostly monochromatic aesthetic. The only exception is the boss’s blood, which is a brilliant crimson that contrasts sharply with the rest of the game. Each form of assassination includes its own animations and epilogues.

The game begins with a lengthy, voice-acted lecture on your insignificance and his affiliation with a wicked system. When slaughtering the boss, a variety of sound effects are employed, as well as sound effects and music from various video games.


It’s your time to teach a lesson to a bad boss.

There are numerous ways for your character to assassinate the Boss. The most recent edition of the game lets your on-screen avatar to murder his master in 24 distinct ways. The following are all of the available approaches:

  1. You can stab the till he dies, then use the stapler to stab the Boss’s forehead.
  2. You are capable of defeating him with a coffee cup.
  3. You are capable of repeatedly slamming a computer display over the Boss and then hurling the monitor at him with full power.
  4. You can smack the Boss in the face with a Garbage Can, pull it over his head, then kick him in the shins with his knees till he dies. METAL SLUG 3
  5. You  may hurl the ruler at him with deadly accuracy, much like a shuriken (a ninja star) into the Boss’s brain.
  6. You  may just beat the Boss to death with his fists.
  7. You  can punch the Boss in the face, snap the keyboard in two, stuff it into the Boss’s mouth, and stamp on him while he is on the ground.
  8. Using an umbrella, you can stab the Boss in the stomach.
  9. You are capable of slitting the Boss’s throat with scissors.
  10. You are  capable of defeating the Boss with a golf club.
  11. You can can bind the Boss to his wheeled chair with his own belt. He may then propel the chair into the office, colliding with a huge window and sending him plunging many floors to his death.
  12. You  may punch a fist into the Boss’s face, fetch a water barrel, and push it into the Boss’s mouth, suffocating him.
  13. You have the ability to fling himself towards his Boss, smashing them through what appears to be another office. You can then beat the Boss to death, scaring away any witnesses.
  14. You have the ability to slam the Boss’s face into a shelf draw, leaving a large red stain on the door.
  15. You  can reach for his lamp on his work desk and strike the Boss till he dies, ensuring his death by electrocuting his feet with the light.
  16. You can close a drawer door on the Boss’s head once the Boss has thoroughly inspected the files contained within the drawers.
  17. You may seize the Boss, whirl him around his office, and land on a coat rack with his neck.
  18. You are capable of whacking the Boss with his briefcase. When the Boss falls to the ground, his head inside the suitcase, the character has the option of stamping on the Boss’s head till he dies.
  19. You  may repeatedly strike the boss with a clock until the boss dies.
  20. With a telephone chord wire, you may strangle the Boss.
  21. You can stab the Boss in the belly with a pen (or a pencil, depending on what the instrument is) and cause his guts to spill out. He can then stab the Boss in the throat, thereby incapacitating him.
  22. You are capable of smashing a glass (or china) bottle and repeatedly jabbing it into the boss’s face till he dies.
  23. You are  capable of attacking the Boss with an extraordinarily heavy-looking item. Almost certainly, it is a computer. He slams the item against the Boss’s skull.
  24. You can stab him in the back of the neck with the Boss’s own pencil till he dies.


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